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Young People

What is Family Connect and Support?

Family Connect and Support (FCS) is a service that can help you and your family connect to the right services and supports at the right time. FCS is available across NSW.

You can contact the FCS if:

  • You’re feeling stressed.
  • You’re worried about someone important to you, like a friend or family member.
  • Things aren’t ok at home.
  • You don’t know where to turn for help.

FCS is free, and you get to decide if you want to talk to them. An FCS service provider can connect with you wherever you live.

How can FCS help me?

FCS will:

  • listen to you to understand your situation
  • ask what you would like to happen next
  • give you information
  • connect you to services that can help

What happens with my information?

FCS can work with you on your own or with your family members depending on your situation.

An FCS Worker will talk to you about what’s going on and if there’s anyone else you want us to discuss your situation with.

How can I contact FCS?

You can contact FCS in a few different ways:

  • Call or email your local FCS provider, using the search tool.
  • Go in and see them in person.

The FCS provider can reach you in a number of ways, just let them know what’s best for you.

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Last updated: 17 Dec 2020