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What is Family Connect and Support?

Family Connect and Support (FCS) is a service that can help you and your family connect to the right services and supports at the right time. FCS is available across NSW.

The service is the same state-wide.

FCS assists families who may be experiencing issues or concerns including financial, parenting, substance use, mental health, domestic and family violence, housing and homelessness. FCS connects families to the right supports before their concerns escalate.

FCS helps families identify their strengths and address underlying issues and needs.

How can FCS help families?

Through an initial consultation, an FCS worker will get to know the family and their individual circumstances.

The FCS worker can give the family information and advice and help connect them to the services in their area, without the family having to retell their story.

FCS will develop a case plan in partnership with the family, if needed. The service also offers:

  • Family Group Conferencing
  • Practical Support including brokerage
  • Referrals to other services

FCS will also provide feedback to you about the steps taken to support the family and the outcome of the engagement.

FCS will stay connected to families if there is a wait for services.

How do I refer families?

You can refer a family by contacting the local FCS provider who covers the area the family you’re referring lives in. Click here to find out who the local FCS provider is.

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Last updated: 17 Dec 2020