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What is Family Connect and Support?

Family Connect and Support (FCS) is a service that can help you and your family connect to the right services and supports at the right time. FCS is available across NSW.

FCS is free and voluntary. Anyone can contact or make a referral to FCS.

The FCS provider in your local area can provide you with information and advice to help with your individual needs and circumstances. If the issues are more complex, an FCS worker will develop a plan with you that is right for you and your family.

The FCS provider will stay connected with you, if there is a wait for a service.

How can FCS help my situation?

No matter what your specific situation may be, FCS is available to give you some extra support.

FCS can connect you to local services that can help with:

  • Understanding and managing your child’s behaviour.
  • Budgeting and money matters.
  • Alcohol, drug or gambling problems.
  • Access to housing, health care or other community and government services.
  • Building strong family relationships.
  • Keeping everyone safe at home.

These are just some of the things that FCS can help with. You can talk to us about your specific circumstances.

What can I expect from FCS?

FCS provides a responsive and flexible service to your family. FCS can work with your family for up to 16 weeks.

How can I make a referral to FCS?

The referral process is simple.

You can make a referral for yourself or on behalf of a family member or friend by contacting your local FCS provider. To find out who the FCS provider is please click here.

Your local FCS provider will make sure the way they contact you, suits your family’s needs and preferences.

What will happen with my information?

You will need to provide some information about your family when completing the referral form or when you talk to your FCS worker.

The FCS worker will talk to you about consent and the use of your information.

What will happen if I change my mind?

If you circumstances change and you no longer need the help of FCS, just let your FCS provider know. You can contact the FCS again in the future if you need to.

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Last updated: 04 May 2021